Modular Phone from Fairphone/modulares Handy von Fairphone

The second-generation smartphones of German sustainable smartphone producer, Fairphone, have a modular design. By this, Fairphone wants to prolong the lifetime of ist smartphones beyond the usual 1-2 years and make upgrades possible. So far, Fairphone has sold about 60.000 of ist first-generation-smartphones. Fairphone 2 has a Full HD 5 Zoll Display, uses the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 platform and has a Dual-SIM-function. An integrated protection cover on the back side replaces additional protection covers. The device can be opened easily, the battery is replaceable, broken parts (display, camera, speaker and microphone) can be repaired either by the user himself or a specialist. All technical documentation is on the web site. Production of the Fairphone 2 is financed by prepaid orders, a model that prooved successful for the first Edition. Fairphone 2 will cost 525 € and is only for European customers. Interested customers have to Register on a list. 50.000 have already subscribed.
Have a look at the product a href=““>Video!

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